Adult/Small Adult Mix Mourning Bracelets


($4.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

These ship first class to anywhere in the US and usually start their journey to you within 24 hours of your purchase. This is a mixed batch of bracelets.  Five regular adult size and three small adult/youth size. Shipping outside of the US will need to pay an additional shipping fee. 




Glass Cremains Necklace (single)


($10.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

$60 EACH. Please follow the shipping instructions below for sending cremains. Only one tablespoon of cremains is needed to be sent to create a necklace. 


Glass Cremains Necklaces (set of 3)


($15.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

$175 for three necklaces. Please following the shipping instructions below for sending cremains. One heaping tablespoon is enough cremains to create the three necklaces. Colors will vary. Non refundable purchas



Glass Cremains Pendants

These extraordinarily beautiful pendants are hand created on a torch by Jacob Barron who lives part time in Vermont and part in Puerto Rico. They are a beautiful way to wear your loved one (human or animal) close to your heart. It only takes a very small portion of cremains to create a pendant so there will be plenty for distributing in other meaningful ways.

The pendants are hand created and vary slightly in size and color. The are approximately one inch in size and each pendant only requires a small sprinkle of the ash to have a beautiful impact in the piece. The more powdery cremains work best, but any will do.

These pendants are available in three designs, circle, heart or oblong drop shape. They can be created in clear glass or a color which can be: dichroic with dark blue, solid red or an iridescent lavender. 

The cost is $60 per pendant (or three for $175) which includes a silver chain.  Shipping is additional. Refunds are not possible as these are handcrafted specialty items. 

Directions for Placing an Order

You will need two hefty ziplock bags. One will go inside the other. 

On the outer bag:With a dark permanent marker write YOUR first and last name on the bag along with your zip code and the date you are shipping the cremains. Please print.

On the inner bag write only the first name of the individual whose cremains are becoming a pendant. This inner bag is where you place the cremains of your loved one.

Estimate one tablespoon per two pendants. Not all of the cremains will be used but this ensures extra in case the artist needs more during this hand-made process. (See below for unused cremains) 


Payments must go through the Stardust Meadow website and payment is processed through PayPal. This is the easiest and fastest way to place an order. STARDUSTMEADOW.COM click on the “Glass Cremains” button.

Additionally, a check can be mailed along with the cremains but the check and order specifics will need to be cleared before the order can be processed. Be sure to include the shipping costs and details of your order.

Directions for Shipping Cremains

Here are detailed instructions:

The only way to ship is through the US Postal Service

Be sure the container it is shipped in is “siftproof” the USPS does not want cremains coming loose in the post office.  

You will need to send it in a Priority Mail Express box.

The US Post Office will issue you a “Cremated Remains” sticker (label 139) that will go on the outside of the box. 

Ship to: Anne-Marie Keppel PO Box 177 Craftsbury Common, Vermont 05827

Be sure you print very clearly on the outside of the Priority Mail Express box so that your pendants can be safely shipped to you! 

What About Unused Cremains?

The left over cremains can either be shipped back to you along with your pendants or we can graciously, respectfully- in ceremony- contribute them back to the earth. Your loved one would then have a small bit of cremains scattered in either Vermont or Puerto Rico.

If you wish to have the remaining cremains shipped back to you, you must label the outer and inner bag stating: “RETURN CREMAINS.”  We are not responsible for cremains lost in the mail. There are no refunds for these hand-crafted items. 


Shipping from Canada to Canada in February 2019