Adult/Teen Size Mourning Bracelets


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These ship first class to anywhere in the US and usually start their journey to you within 24 hours of your purchase. 

Youth Size Mourning Bracelets


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Kids size meaning approximately age 5 to 12 or for those who know they have a small wrist. (Estimate!) These will have a bigger impact and make more sense if grown-ups wear the adult version along with the kids.  We all need to mourn together. Please note that the $10 cost is for 5 bracelets which differs from the adult cost and quantity. These ship first class to anywhere in the US and typical start their journey to you in 24 hours after purchase. 

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Toddler Size Shown Here


The toddler size bracelets are a 1/4 wide and have more delicate writing than the adult/teen and small/ youth sizes. There is no writing on the inside of these tiny bracelets.

Three sizes, Adult/Teen, Small/Youth & Toddler


The adult/teen and small/youth bracelets are 1/2 inch thick and have bold writing MOURNING on the outside and the more subtle inside that says "...still mourning." These bracelets are reversible. 

Toddler/Tiny Size Mourning Bracelets


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These are much more delicate, smaller band and smaller writing for tiny wrists. These will have more of an impact and make more sense if their grown-ups are wearing the same version of the adult size.  Even toddlers mourn death even though they show it in different ways.


Shipping from Canada to Canada in February 2019


Mourning Bracelets

You Need Space

When you are heavily grieving, you need space. You need an extra allowance from the pressures, impatience and rigid schedules of society.  There is a time warp when you are extraordinarily sad and very little makes sense at this stage. Once upon a time, it was common in many cultures around the world to *show* their mourning... A shawl, a hair style, a specific color.... It was a signal to all - family and strangers alike - to give you a little leeway. 

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Everyone Mourns

You don't outwardly *see* it in our culture, but literally everyone will be mourning the death of someone at one time or another in their life. It may be their friend, their partner, their parent or even a beloved pet.  You may not be so quick to lash out at someone who is acting irrationally or "crazy" if you knew that their world was turned upside down by a recent death.  Maybe you don't *give* them anything extra, but you might bite your tongue so not to worsen things.

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So Show It

Show the world that you are mourning. Not only will you be given more space to feel, mourn and heal when your vulnerable strength and pain is spelled out, but by doing so, you give others permission to do the same. 

These bracelets are not sold individually as a death does not affect just one person. Wear your bracelets with your friend, family or community. 

Let's create a kinder planet.  

wear mourning bracelets

About This Design....

I am a mother of three children who are 3, 17 and 22.  My daughter and all of her friends wear these silicone bracelets all the time and as a death doula-- constantly thinking of ways to incorporate the conversation of death into our every day language-- I designed these mourning bracelets. If, by any chance other similar bracelets exist, it is by total coincidence.  I did not and will not patent this design- nor am I making loads of money off from this.  The intention is to create a social movement- a societal change in the way we talk about death, the ways in which we support each other and the ways in which we mourn.  Let's create a kinder planet.